ColorCat Colorimeter

  • ColorCat Colorimeter
  • ColorCat Colorimeter
  • ColorCat Colorimeter
  • ColorCat Colorimeter
  • ColorCat Colorimeter
ColorCat ColorimeterColorCat ColorimeterColorCat ColorimeterColorCat ColorimeterColorCat Colorimeter

ColorCat Colorimeter

  • 1.The body is small and lightweight Small and exquisite, easy to carry, color measurement anytime, anywhere.
    2.Standard sample library support The instrument has its own standard sample library function, which can call up standard sample measurement anytime and anywhere.
    3. Support multiple measurement models There are as many as 34 color spaces, 11 color difference formulas, and 26 measurement light sources, which can always suit your needs.
    4.Accurate measurement and stable data The principle of spectral spectroscopy, the accuracy is as high as 0.01, and the measurement is fast&
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ColorCat is our newly developed practical color measuring instrument, there are three models for customers to buy. It has a complete range of color measurement functions and auxiliary accessories, and can be applied to test work in a variety of industries. It is an excellent domestic color measurement instrument with high cost performance. Colorcat APP is used with Weifu photoelectric colorimeter and spectrophotometer, with friendly interface and powerful functions. It can realize the functions of color measurement, quality report generation, color card search, color card number record management, etc. It is an all-round color quality management assistant.


Feature highlights:


1. The body is small and lightweight

Small and exquisite, easy to carry, color measurement anytime, anywhere.


2. Patented knob design

Rotate/press the integrated button to complete the 5 main functions without APP.


3. Standard sample library support

The instrument has its own standard sample library function, which can call up standard sample measurement anytime and anywhere.


4. Support multiple measurement models

There are as many as 34 color spaces, 11 color difference formulas, and 26 measurement light sources, which can always suit your needs.


5. Accurate measurement and stable data

The principle of spectral spectroscopy, the accuracy is as high as 0.01, and the measurement is fast and accurate.


6. A variety of practical auxiliary software

Bluetooth mobile phone APP, USB computer terminal software, multi-device sharing and management of massive color libraries.


7. Multiple report output support

One-click generation and sharing of measurement reports, a good helper for quality control.


8. Cloud color card library synchronization connection

Your portable electronic color card library can store and search massive color cards anytime, anywhere.


9. Large capacity lithium battery

Powerful lithium battery power supply, to ensure the battery life for your color quality control.


10.Professional protection for measuring caliber

Comes with an optical protection sheet to protect the measuring aperture, moisture-proof, dust-proof and pollution-proof, and more durable.







ColorCat Pro

Repeated accuracy






Measuring Speed



Light Source Type

Full spectrum LED

Full spectrum LED & UV

Battery Capacity

More than 6000 times after full charge

More than 10000 times after full charge

Geometric Condition


Measuring spot (Caliber)


Wavelength coverage


Calibration Method


Wavelength interval


Color Space

CIE-Lab, CIE-Lch, Luv, Hunter-Lab, XYZ, Yxy, sRGB, DINLAB99, DENSITY (A) C, M, Y, K, DENSITY (I) C, M, Y, K, Munsell, reflectivity (Photopic vision), blackness, YI yellowness, metamerism (jumping light), hiding power, tinting power/strength/dye strength, color fastness, Taube whiteness, Berger whiteness, Tappi whiteness, Cros whiteness , Stephanser whiteness, Ganz whiteness (Ganz), Hunter whiteness, whiteness (ASTM), whiteness (CIE), AATCC whiteness, R457/ISO2470 whiteness, GB/T17644 whiteness

Color Difference Formula


Standard Light Source


Observer Angle


Operation Method

Integrated Rotate/Press Button


OLED Colored Display 1.14 inch




Type C/Bluetooth

APP System



No limitation through APP


φ31X96mm(Not including the white calibration board)


80g(Not including the white calibration board)

Packing List

Instrument、White calibration board、Data cable、User’s manual、Warranty card